Ghostbusters proton pack

For a work event, where the theme was the 80s, I chose to dress up as a character from the film Ghostbusters.
I worked for three months using modelling foam, various hoses, acrylic tubing, hardboard, screws and a variety
of small items searched and sourced from many online stores. I build the proton pack by roughly following
detailed diagrams that I discovered via an online forum.

As I started and progressed through this project I became aware of a huge fan base for the film and that groups
of Ghostbusters fans exist and have made their own proton packs, many to (costly) exacting detail. There are a number of American businesses that produce replicas of the film props but I shied away from buying anything that
was custom made as I loved the challenge of building it myself! I was really pleased with the end result.




This is my portfolio, feel free to have a browse.

About me

I'm a Graphic Designer based in Hampshire with many years of experience in the design industry. I love working on print related design and discussing new ideas and creative solutions with clients.

I have extensive knowledge of pre-press, production, Adobe products, printing, image manipulation and many other aspects of graphic design. I am also an experienced photographer which enables me to organise, shoot and complete post-production on any project ensuring that quality and a constant creative vision is adhered to throughout.

I am pleased to work on all scales of design, from helping a local Brownie pack with a camp badge design to providing a complete corporate design package. I believe flexability is the key to keeping clients new and old happy!

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