Illustrations done for NDCS.


Album cover designs for Ageing B-Boys Unite. Both albums were downloadable and showcased grassroots Hip Hop music. The artwork was available to download for the user to printout and insert into a CD jewel case if they wanted. The first album was a pastiche of the 1980s 'Electro' albums so beloved by early Hip Hop fans and the second was a specific bit of graffiti I did for the express purpose of creating the cover.


Brownies and Guide badges

Through family connections, I am requested to design many woven badges for Rainbows, Brownie and GirlGuiding events for the Hampshire District. I am also their registered event photographer.



As I am known as a 'veteran' of the Banger Rally scene and a graphic designer, many members come to me for custom graphics. Once such was the well-known 'Team Piston Broke'. Their car was to be a tribute to the 1968 Ford Galaxie police car used by the band K.L.F (appearing in the video accompanying their British number one hit, “Doctorin’ the Tardis”) and therefore needed graphics that closely aped the real vehicle. I supplied the files for their vinyl cutter to use. Photos copyright Streetsafari.


S2N anniversary logo

In 2012, Streetsafari had been running banger rallies across Europe for 10 years and for their anniversary run to Naples they want to produce some polo shirts for the participants. I utilised the existing logo, added the national flags and used a bold clear font to produce a self-defining graphic.


Photoshop work


Self-promotional illustrations




This is my portfolio, feel free to have a browse.

About me

I'm a Graphic Designer based in Hampshire with many years of experience in the design industry. I love working on print related design and discussing new ideas and creative solutions with clients.

I have extensive knowledge of pre-press, production, Adobe products, printing, image manipulation and many other aspects of graphic design. I am also an experienced photographer which enables me to organise, shoot and complete post-production on any project ensuring that quality and a constant creative vision is adhered to throughout.

I am pleased to work on all scales of design, from helping a local Brownie pack with a camp badge design to providing a complete corporate design package. I believe flexability is the key to keeping clients new and old happy!

Need some design help with your project?
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