Banbury North Signal Box - Project Crossrail

A small team of professionals calling themselves, 'Project Crossrail', wanted to preserve this historic railway structure, so I offered to help.

After long negotiation, it became clear the building could not be saved. But with the help of Chiltern Railways and Network Rail, the team managed to secure a stay of execution for the Signal Box for a month. This enabled them to open the Signal Box for tours. School children, enthusiasts, groups, clubs and members of general public could visit free-of-charge.
The team wanted a booklet to be produced to give to each visitor. I worked alongside the team and Network Rail to a tight deadline, producing a 20-page full colour booklet that told a bit of history about Banbury, the railways and what signalling was all about.

The resulting booklet was very well received and they even got me to pose in the Signal Box with a copy!


Girlguiding to Switzerland

I was approached by Hampshire West Girlguiding to help design a leaflet.

'Our Chalet' in Adelboden, Switzerland, is one of the five World Centres belonging to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. To advertise the opportunity for local Hampshire Guides to visit this special location in 2017, I was asked to create a leaflet that could be distributed to all the guiding section in the County. I called upon my own photographs - that I took whilst in Switzerland the previous year - and worked with Girlguiding UK brand guidelines, I produced an all colour leaflet. The interior had straight forward booking forms and general text information.


National Wagon Preservation Group

I realised the the NWPG had no real unifying brand to tie in their publications and leaflets, so I offered to help.

I took on-board the current design, created a new logo, redrew and reworked the existing leaflets to increase usability, reworked subscription forms and other printed matter and produced a cohesive across-the-board look.
I then supplied them with easy-to-use PDF files for home or professional printing.


BMX/Invader Graphics

I was approached by an old graffiti friend who is involved in the retro BMX scene. He wanted a design for stickers and T-shirts that revolved around the Space Invaders theme to tie in with the group he is involved with, the Midland BMX Massive. There was a big meet due and he wanted some advertising stickers, so I researched the original cabinet artwork for the Space Invader game and created suitable graphics and even tracked down the original font.

On the left, above, is the original artwork I sent to him and his only alteration was the addition of the text below and the magenta coloured date added in a 'hi-score' style.


Frame Launch

Frame Launch is a quartley booklet which features new frame ranges, fashion themes and future styles.


Wedding invite

A friend asked me to design a specific looking card for their invite. I used scanned torn images, supplied images and own photography to create something unique.



Entire shop front vinyls to inform customers that the store has moved.


easyvision product catalogue

A 56 page multi-language catalogue which features bespoke contact lense product photography. The four languages, as well as the details for many separate products provided the challenge for this job.


Ticket gates

Popular offer artwork converted to work on vertical paddles for ticket gates on the Underground and National Rail networks.


Supplies catalogue

Supplies catalogue for store staff that required a logical layout to ensure the location of products and ordering details were easy to use.


In The Frame magazine

Is an in-store magazine that feature all aspects of spectacles. From celebrities to children's frames to brand names, the magazine covers all the latest styles as well as events.


Winning Team magazine

Long running in-store staff magazine that is aimed at the staff about the staff. Features individual stores and their singular achievements - fundraising, anniversaries or commitments to excellence.



I also cover a wide range of items for many clients, including complex contact lens product matrix, locational maps, monthly newsletters, information guides and product brochures.




This is my portfolio, feel free to have a browse.

About me

I'm a Graphic Designer based in Hampshire with many years of experience in the design industry. I love working on print related design and discussing new ideas and creative solutions with clients.

I have extensive knowledge of pre-press, production, Adobe products, printing, image manipulation and many other aspects of graphic design. I am also an experienced photographer which enables me to organise, shoot and complete post-production on any project ensuring that quality and a constant creative vision is adhered to throughout.

I am pleased to work on all scales of design, from helping a local Brownie pack with a camp badge design to providing a complete corporate design package. I believe flexability is the key to keeping clients new and old happy!

Need some design help with your project?
Drop me a line and lets have a chat or if you'd like to have me as a invaluable member of your creative team, please ask for my CV.